Friday, April 9, 2010 at 1:42PM
Nazila Merati

If you have come here from floraandlfying -more rantings from me, I hope you like it here. We're in the start up phase of operations - so the more I hear from you now, the better.  I hate change orders in the middle of a project. Really!

 I will never promise to be the go to source for anything, nor will I profess that my take on Persian cuisine is correct.  What I say here is about me, my family (with their permission) and my desire to learn all the things that my mom did magically in the kitchen while I was watching the Rockford files and doing my algebra homework.  Later, my excuse for coming over, getting something to go and leaving would be a meeting or a work deadline.

Those meals are some of the best meals of my life.  Those meals are meals that are made with love.  Those are meals I want to recreate at home.  The aroma of steaming rice and a simmering stew when you walk in the door of my parent's house is something that is not be missed.  There is something very complex in the nature of Persian food I have yet to completely understand. 

I hope the next few months we'll all learn something.

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